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Trail Description

Carving on the trail near East Fork.
Chris McIntyre

Supervisor: Matt Patterson

51.8 Total Miles / 24.6 Off Road Miles (47.5%)
Map Publication Date: November 2012

This section starts along Grant Lake, and follows narrow country roads past numerous farms for about nine miles. After passing just southeast of the City of Williamsburg, the trail winds 23.5 miles through East Fork State Park, which is almost entirely off-road. The BT utilizes the Steve Newman Worldwalker Perimeter Trail, which provides challenging hills and beautiful views and scenery. The western part of the section finds increasing urban evidence as the trail nears Cincinnati. It passes through the city of Batavia, and along some more heavily traveled roads, before ending in Milford, where it joins the Loveland Section and the Little Miami Rail Trail.

Note: Consult with the East Fork State Park website for the latest alerts concerning trail closures, water levels, public hunting information, and campsite notices.

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Trail Alerts

  • (4/02/18)Williamsburg Section Supervisor Matt Patterson reports that the main trail between Points 8 and 20 has been reopened. Accordingly, the Williamsburg Map Edition of November 2012 is once again current - almost.

    The exception comes because there are several points on the main trail that may flood due either to a general rise in the elevation of William H Harsha Lake or local flooding of one or more of the following: Cloverleaf Creek, Poplar Creek or Ulrey Run. The Williamsburg to Batavia Hike-Bike Trail on the north side of William H. Harsha Reservoir is a natural dry boot alternative to the main trail on the south side of the reservoir.

    The trail described below goes through East Fork State Park on the north side of the William H Harsha Lake and uses the Williamsburg to Batavia Hike-Bike Trail. This route reduces the length of the Williamsburg Section by 18.2 mi. See details below.
8 Todd’s Run-Foster Rd. (T-90) at SR-I33
Todds Run-Foster Rd ends here. Head NW (right) on SR-133. Soon, enter Williamsburg. After 0.35 mi, join Main St. Along with SR-133, turn W (left). Continue on Main St past entrance to Williamsburg City Park on SW (P, PS, PT, W, WC) and Dela Palma Rd on NE (0.3 mi). Continue on across the East Fork of Little Miami R into downtown Williamsburg (G, R, P0: 45176). After 0.45 mi, turn SW (left) onto S Broadway St and continue for 4 blocks to the Williamsburg to Batavia Hike-Bike Trail (WBHBT).
A S Broadway St at Williamsburg Batavia Bike Trail (WBHBT)
The trail enters WBHBT, marked by green Bike Route signs. After 0.26 mi, the bike path joins Williamsburg Bantam Rd, heading generally SW (left).
B Cain Run Bridge on WBHBT
WBHBT meanders some as it heads generally W past a view of the East Fork. WBBT turns generally NW from here. After 0.6 mi, WBHBT joins the central road within East Fork State Park Campground and continues NW (right) past the entrance to Camp Loop D (0.17 mi, exits S).
C Central Drive within East Fork State Park Campground at Entrance Station
Continue N on the central drive within the park campground. After 0.4 mi, the campground road ends. Join the Park Entrance Road, turning S (left) towards a boat launch.
D Park Entrance Road at Dedicated Bike Trail
After 0.9 mi, exit Park Entrance Road and head W (right) on dedicated WBHBT. After 0.7 mi, exit park through gateway at end of Zagar Rd. Follow Zagar Rd briefly as it turns W. After 250', exit Zagar Rd and go ahead W on trail built over Old Summit Rd.
E Old Summit Rd at Greenbrier Rd
At Greenbrier Rd, turn S (left) onto road and meander downslope generally SW. After 2.0 mi, join Elk Lick Rd and route of blue-blazed BT. Continue generally W (right) on Elk Lick Rd.
21 Elk Lick Rd at SR 222
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Trail Towns

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Milford is the first Buckeye Trail Town and is an ideal setting for day hikers and backpackers.  The city is located at the intersection of eight of America’s long distance trails See below for list of these trails, which together total over 22,000 miles of hiking and biking opportunities. The Buckeye Trail winds through Milford’s streets offering a pleasant way to explore the many facets of the town before you continue your trail adventure.  Two sections of the Buckeye Trail connect in Milford (the Loveland and Williamsburg sections), making Milford a perfect spot to camp, resupply, and recharge before moving on with your Buckeye Trail, North Country Trail, or American Discovery Trail adventures.

The eight long distance trails - Buckeye Trail, North Country Trail, American Discovery Trail, Sea to Sea Long Distance Hiking Route, Underground Railroad Cycling Route, Ohio to Erie Cycling Route, the Little Miami Scenic River, and the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

Milford offers a variety of features including a charming main street, hiker friendly shops and restaurants, attractive architecture, several camping locations for through hikers, an interesting history and the beautiful 130 acre Valley View Nature Preserve". The trail follows sidewalks through town, permitting access to the above mentioned features, including a very trail friendly outfitter store (Roads, Rivers, and Trails – a Buckeye Trail supporter that offers Buckeye Trail Association members a 10% discount by showing your membership card). The trail passes some lovely historical homes as it wends its way to the woods and trails of the Valley View Foundation. There is plenty for the hiker to enjoy.

There are three camping locations within the Milford area: Valley View, Riverside II Park, and Jim Terrell Park (which has an Adirondack type shelter). For the latter two locations a permit is required and there is a small fee. See the Milford Parks page for the permit info. Read more about Milford and the BT here.

Click here for a downloadable, printable PDF map.

Learn more by visiting http://www.milfordohio.org.

Google map of camping locations and recommended sites in Milford can be found HERE

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