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Chapters are localized efforts taking on the challenge of the mission of the Association along the Buckeye Trail around Ohio. Chapters are busily building, maintaining, protecting and promoting the use of Ohio’s longest scenic hiking trail for our citizens, communities and partners in Ohio. They are providing outdoor recreation, opportunities to volunteer, education, access to the varied resources Ohio and local economic benefits along the Buckeye Trail.

The BTA chapters use Meetup as a means of communicating event details. Please visit the BTA Meetup page at to find chapter events.

Central Ohio Chapter

The Central Ohio Chapter area (Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Pickaway, and Union counties) is unique in that it does not contain a portion of the BT but highlights portions of the BT for outdoor adventures and volunteer opportunities. The Chapter may serve as a ‘catch-all’ as well as a service to the BTA’s Central Ohio audience. The Chapter may address unmet trail needs around the state, central Ohio and statewide partner relationships, and work in cooperation with other BTA Chapters.

The Friends of the Buckeye Trail meetup website at
Buckeye Trail Friends Meetup will transition to serve the Central Ohio chapter with local events that may be of interest as well as state-wide BTA activities. We seek continuous improvement in how we communicate and support the BTA so please offer suggestions and feedback on how we can improve.

Crooked River Chapter

The Crooked River Chapter of the Buckeye Trail Association is the chapter for those who live near or along the Akron, Bedford, Burton, and Mogadore sections. These sections comprise the majority of the "Little Loop". Hikers who complete the "Little Loop" are eligible for a patch! The CRC’s extent includes the Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Summit, Ashtabula, Trumbull, Portage and Stark Counties (Stark County is shared with the Muskingum Lakes Chapter). Use the following to connect with the Crooked River members:
Crooked River Chapter Facebook Page
Crooked River Meetup

Or send an email to:

Miami Rivers Chapter

The Miami Rivers Chapter of the Buckeye Trail Association is the chapter for those who live near or along the Williamsburg, Loveland, Caesar Creek, and Troy sections of the Buckeye Trail (greater Cincinnati to greater Dayton). We support the Buckeye Trail through hiking, backpacking, and volunteer events.

The Landscape of the Miami Rivers Chapter

The Miami Rivers Chapter extent includes the large region of the Great and Little Miami River watersheds.  This region of Ohio is rich in cultural and natural history and opportunities for a variety of trail experiences.  As in other areas of Ohio the Buckeye Trail serves as a unifying thread between communities, protected lands and important landmarks tying people and the landscape together.  Between the historic Miami & Erie Canal, downtown Dayton, Springfield, and Yellow Springs, the Little Miami National Scenic River and Little Miami State Park bike path, Xenia, Caesar Creek State Park, Fort Ancient earthworks, Milford, the Ohio River’s Queen City, Cincinnati, Batavia and East Fork State Park there is so much to explore in southwestern Ohio.  The Ohio and Miami Rivers are the dominant natural forces in the region, creating hills by carving out gorges and valleys and providing transportation for each wave of settlement.  The area has been settled by moundbuilding cultures, the Shawnee Nation, frontiersman, Revolutionary War veterans, and early American industry each weaving together the fabric of an American story best experienced on foot. 

Hiking the Buckeye Trail in this region, for a day or several week long backpack trip, reveals how the enduring landscape, artifacts of our history, and present day life flow together to create an enriching experience.  There is so much to do, so close to home, and so much to be proud of along the Buckeye Trail in southwest Ohio.  Volunteer and hike with the Miami Rivers Chapter by contacting Darryl Smith, Miami Rivers Chapter President, using the chapter email address at: You may also visit:
Miami Rivers Chapter Facebook Page
Miami Rivers Meetup

Stay tuned to for news of Chapter activities!

Muskingum Lakes Chapter

The Muskingum Lakes Chapter of the Buckeye Trail Association is for those who live near or along the Massillon, Bowerston and Belle Valley sections of the Buckeye Trail (from Hartville in Stark County to near the village of Belle Valley in Noble County). We support the Buckeye Trail through hiking, backpacking, community and volunteer events. Our efforts to promote use of the Buckeye Trail in our footprint area include scheduled events such as group hikes, scavenger hunts, geocaching, kayaking and canoeing, work parties and campouts along with offering a shuttle service for hikers that travel from other areas so that it's not necessary for them to bring an extra vehicle when they come.

The Landscape of the Muskingum Lakes Chapter

The Muskingum Lakes Chapter focus area includes a part of the Tuscarawas River watershed and most of the lakes of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District. This region of Ohio was one of the first areas settled after Marietta and has a rich historical background. Many of these historical sites are easily accessed from the Buckeye Trail as it it traverses the hills of Eastern Ohio and touches on seven of the Muskingum Lakes. The Muskingum Lakes offer some of the best recreational fishing in the Eastern United States. The Ohio & Erie Canal was built in this area in the early 1800s and the Buckeye Trail follows its path through parts of Stark County. As in much of Ohio, water is the dominant force for creating the landscape as it is today. Prior to its settlement by pioneers, the area was a crossroads for the many Indian nations living around here as they traded with or fought the coming of European migration and each other.

There are numerous opportunities for all kinds of recreational and entertainment activities as well as many great places to eat. Volunteer and hike with the Muskingum Lakes Chapter by contacting Steve and Karen Walker, Muskingum Lakes Chapter Leaders, at 330-833-9365 or by e-mailing . You can also visit:
Muskingum Lakes Chapter Facebook Page
Muskingum Lakes Meetup

Stay tuned to for news of Chapter activities!

Little Cities of the Forest Chapter

This segment of the BT includes the co-located Buckeye Trail, North Country National Scenic Trail, and American Discovery Trail in portions of Morgan, Athens, Perry, Hocking and Vinton Counties in the Muskingum and Hocking River watersheds. Our chapter extent includes the Stockport, New Straitsville, and Old Man's Cave Sections of the BT. The BT passes through AEP ReCreation Lands, Burr Oak State Park, Wayne National Forest, O'Dowd Wildlife Area, Boch Hollow Nature Preserve, Lake Logan and Hocking Hills State Park, private lands and the little cities of Stockport, Chesterhill, Murray City and Shawnee. Known for it's coal boom history the region is now a forested outdoor recreation paradise.

For more information on activities of the Chapter, visit the Chapter website at
Little Cities Chapter Meetup

Create a Buckeye Trail Chapter in your Region

Are you interested in working with other Buckeye Trail Association members and volunteers to help build, maintain, protect and promote the use of Ohio’s State Trail in your region?  While it doesn’t happen overnight the benefits to creating a local or regional effort of the BTA are great; building new relationships, camaraderie, support, fulfillment of a job well done, an increased sense of place, being an important part of something much bigger.  All chapters of the Buckeye Trail Association will be unique, so if you have some interest please contact us and we will try to gather like-minded folks together.  , 740-777-6282.