Buckeye Trail - Norwalk

Norwalk Section

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Trail Description

Barrett's Chapel.
Connie Pond

Supervisor: Bob and Ruth Brown
• 419-935-0668

59.6 Total Miles / 0 Off Road Miles (0.0%)
Map Publication Date: May 2010

Farms, and long straight stretches of road walking await you in the Norwalk section. Though not filled with steep climbs or breathtaking views, this sections offers an easier walk for those who want to stroll, not hike. You'll spend most of your walk on lightly traveled back roads, passing many farms. The abundance of crossing roads make it possible to 'loop' hike, returning to your start without backtracking. The Buckeye Trail itself heads primarily in an easterly direction, skirting several small towns along the way. After passing through Havana, the trail follows a series of due east roads for 30 miles, before finally going off-road and into Findley State Park. Here the section ends and the Medina section starts.

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