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Trail Description

Bean Ridge
MD Edmonds

Supervisor: MD Edmonds
• 740-885-9644

57.6 Total Miles / 13.5 Off Road Miles (23.4%)
Map Publication Date: March 2012

Along with the Road Fork Section, this section provides a link between the off-road trail in AEP ReCreation Lands and North Country Trail in the Marietta Unit of Wayne National Forest. Although the ridges remain high and are generally forested, the trail passes through farmland and several remote towns with few facilities. Towns include Stanleyville, Whipple, Warner, Macksburg, Crooked Tree and Hackney. This section ends in the Stockport Section near Onion Run.

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Trail Alerts

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Map Updates

  • (8/3/15) Facility Update
    Section Supervisor Matthew Edmonds has announced that overnight camping is available near the convenient store located at 90 Railroad St. You may also park here by permission for periods up to one day. This little grocery is located slightly off the trail in Whipple just north of Point 15. Check in with Mike Polk proprietor for specific details. Matthew points out that water may be purchased here by the gallon.
  • (12/23/10) Update for Whipple Map Edition of January 2005
    This update is intended to keep the former edition current for the benefit of those who purchased the former edition recently. The major changes are a relocation and significant editing of the text prior to Pt. 6 (number applies to either edition). The relocation leaves the former route at the intersection of Cow Run Rd and Laurel Hill Rd between Pt. 6 and Pt. 7 (either edition). It returns to the former route at the intersection of Pleasant Ridge Rd and Morris Rd between Pt 10 and Pt 11 (former edition only). The text for the Alert begins at Pt. 1 and ends at former Pt. 12 (current Pt. 11), "Caywood Rd (C16) at Stanleyville Drive (C42)".
    The text for the Alert is extracted directly from the October 2010 Edition. The distance adjustment is negligible: -0.1 mile on Pt. 12 and higher in the older edition. For the record, the locations of Pt. 1 through Pt. 5 match exactly in both editions. On the former edition, Pt. 6 was drawn incorrectly at the intersection of Brooks and Cow Run Roads. Move the location of Pt. 6 about 1/2 mile NE on your map.
1 BT at County Road Nine (C9)
The WHIPPLE SECTION of BT begins here. The trail immediately CCW (N) is described in the ROAD FORK SECTION. This site is also the northern trailhead for the Scenic River Trail.
BT heads SW essentially parallel to County Road Nine. In 500', BT turns generally S along ridge for 2500' before dropping into an intercepting reentrant that joins valley of an intermittent tributary to Reas Run. In 3200', BT crosses stream and meanders up another ridge, sometimes steeply, first W, then S and finally NW to summit the ridge (2100'). BT follows ridge S 1300' before beginning descent, more or less steeply, to a second tributary to Reas Run (4200'). BT meanders generally NW up first a reentrant and later a hogback onto Bell Ridge.
2 County Road Nine (C9) NE of Deucher
BT continues on gated skid road now W and circles former community of Deucher. Trail crosses several skid roads. In 2600', BT crosses paved Archer's Fork Rd (C14) and meanders generally W along Pine Ridge just N of Independence Chapel and Cemetery. In 2800', BT joins County Road Nine and continues W along Pine Ridge. In 3700' with a slight climb in view, BT leaves County Road Nine onto footpath heading NW. In 1000', footpath joins a skid road that meanders generally N. In 2600', BT comes to a fork in the skid road and turns W. In 200', BT turns N onto footpath that meanders along ridge before it descends, sometimes steeply with switchbacks, into valley of intermittent tributary to the Archer's Fork.
A BT at Big Run Rd (T414)
Big Run Rd is unmarked. It looks more like a driveway than a road. Big Run Rd exits S from Archer's Fork Rd 2.7 miles E of SR 26. The trail intersection is 650' S of Archer's Fork Rd. Several cars can park off the road with care.
BT ascends W to ridgeline at average 11% grade (3100') and then descends to a fork of Oxbow Run at an average grade of 18% (1500'). BT continues W across two intermittent tributaries to Oxbow Run. At a third stream, also tributary to Oxbow Run, BT ascends steeply to Chandler Rd (T381) in 2100' (13%). BT heads W out ridge for 600' and then descends S through two deep reentrants to tributary of Bear Run (3100'). BT crisscrosses stream W before climbing a tad S to avoid houses.
4 BT at Bear Run Rd (C25)
BT ascends valley slowly. About 350' after crossing an intermittent stream, BT climbs 16% grade to a promontory off Bean Ridge (1200') and continues W across Brooks Rd (T94, 3500'). BT undulates generally WNW for 1900' through woods.
5 Brooks Rd (T94) and McCain Hill Rd (T382)
BT heads W on Brooks Rd. In 190', BT joins footpath that exits NW and undulates generally W on Bean Ridge parallel to Brooks Rd. In 6200' on a promontory that juts from Bean Ridge to NE, BT descends NW. In 2000' after a knee-busting drop (20 %!), BT reaches the flood plain of the Little Muskingum R and meanders generally W along river. In 6000', BT reaches a switchback at an intermittent stream in a deep reentrant. From here, BT meanders and undulates generally SE through several ascent/descents with a maximum elevation change about 200' (28%).
6 BT at Brooks Rd (T94)
BT joins Brooks Rd near a ravine filled with junk. Heading generally S, Brooks Rd descends into valley of Cow Run. In 2700', at end of Brooks Rd, BT joins Cow Run Rd (T19) and heads W through farms past Star Rd (T1445, exits N), past Laurel Hill Rd (3300', T302, exits S) and across the Little Muskingum R (180').
7 Cow Run Rd (T19) at SR 26
Note interesting cemeteries on NE corner as well as on N side of SR 26. BT joins SR 26 heading SW. In 1250', BT leaves SR 26 and heads NW onto Little Eightmile Rd (T131). As Little Eightmile Rd turns more N (339'), BT continues NW now on Tittle Run Rd (T43) that climbs through an interesting reentrant.
8 Tittle Run Rd (T43) at Pleasant Ridge Rd (C17)
In 7500', BT emerges at the end of Tittle Run Rd onto Pleasant Ridge Rd (C17) that heads W past Morris Rd (6100', T334, exits S)
9 Pleasant Ridge Rd (C17) at Grub Rd (T335)
In 4200', BT turns sharply N onto Grub Rd and descends into valley of Duck Creek.
10 Grub Rd (T335) at Caywood Rd (C16)
BT turns NE on Caywood Rd. In 2500', BT crosses Killwell Run. BT continues NE on Caywood Rd past Killwell Run Rd (300', T331, exits E). In 6200', BT crosses Sugar Run and continues on Caywood Rd now NW past Sugar Run Rd (290', T37, exits E) and Collins Rd (500', T491, exits N). BT continues on Caywood Rd, now W, across Hoff Run (2900') near outskirts of Stanleyville.
11 Caywood Rd (C16) at Stanleyville Rd (C42)
BT turns N on Stanleyville, etc.

Trail Towns

  • There are no Trailtowns in this Section at the present time.