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Direct contributions to any of the BTA funds are always welcomed and appreciated. Contributions may be tax deductable. To contribute, you can send your check to the address below, or click on one of the Donate buttons to make a donation by credit card online. Be sure to indicate the fund on your check.

There are a few other ways to donate indirectly to the BTA. See additional information at the bottom of this page.

The Buckeye Trail's Future Begins with You!

Hiking the BT, becoming a member, volunteering, and contributing to the BTA are all helping to create a great future for our next generation. Together the Buckeye Trail Family accomplishes so much thanks to the work of our volunteers and the support of BTA members. Each year we ask hikers to join the tradition of giving back to Buckeye Trail by chipping in to support all of our good work. Our annual appeal has started - Click here for more information about the appeal or donate today by clicking this button:

Live, Breathe, Hike . . .


Following the blue blazes of the BT leads us to great places, adventures, and people. We hope that your experiences on the BT inspire you to support the Buckeye Trail Association today by kicking off a campaign to grow our membership, volunteerism, and enjoyment ofour trail.

Click the “Donate” button to support the important work of BTA Volunteers and Staff today!

General Fund

The General Fund provides for the day-to-day operation of the BTA. Primarily funded by membership dues and contributions, this fund provides money for trail building tools, brochures, mailings, phone and web site costs, and other routine needs.

Trail Preservation Fund

The Trail Preservation Fund provides money for land acquisition and trail protection. Money from this fund was used to purchased land near Serpents Mound last year. The fund has also provided money for trail signs and monuments. Learn more about Trail Preservation.

Barn Fund

The Barn Fund provides money for the renovation of the BTA Barn near Tappan Lake. The current project involves turning the 120 year old structure into a functional headquarters with kitchen, meeting and sleeping facilities. Learn more about the Barn by clicking here.

Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund provides money for the Annual BTA Scholarship. See the Scholarship page for more information about this project.

Memorial Gifts

What better way to pay tribute to a loved one or honor a milestone than to make a gift to the Buckeye Trail? Notification of your memorial gift is sent to the recipient you indicate, acknowledging your thoughtfulness in making such a gift (gift amount remains confidential).

Corporate Giving

The Buckeye Trail Association is proud to be the recipient of various corporate efforts to support our mission to build, maintain, and preserve the Buckeye Trail. Click here to learn more.

Become a “Library Patron”

Libraries today have very limited budgets to acquire new material. The Buckeye Trail Association also has a limited budget. So we are asking you to sponsor your local library (and others if you wish) as a Buckeye Trail Library Patron. Click here for more information.

Make a credit card donation to one of the funds by clicking on these buttons:

or Mail checks to:
Buckeye Trail Association
P. O. Box 5
Shawnee, OH 43782

Indirect ways to donate:

If you use a Kroger Rewards Card, you have the opportunity to designate the Buckeye Trail Association as your non-profit organization of choice. You need to have an online login at in order to enroll and make your choice. Kroger donates a percentage of your shopping receipt to the BTA on a quarterly basis.

Amazon also has a similar program for their shoppers. is a product identical interface to that gives a percentage of your shopping receipt to the BTA. You must use the web site and choose the BTA as your non-profit.

Donate a Vehicle! - The Buckeye Trail Association has signed up with Vehicle Donation to Any Charity (V-DAC)in order to accept a vehicle donation. Visit their web site at for information about V-DAC. Or you may start your donation at the link - which is a direct link to the Buckeye Trail's information on their site.