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Trail Description

Hiking at Deeds Point in Dayton
Bill Franz

Supervisor: Andy Niekamp
• 937-475-5417

51.9 Total Miles / 49.8 Off Road Miles (96.0%)
Map Publication Date: November 2015

On canal towpaths, along railroad tracks, under two Interstate Highways and near a monument commemorating the Wright Brothers' First Flight, the Troy Section of the Buckeye Trail offers hikers a glimpse into the evolution of transportation in Ohio. It follows in close proximity to the Great Miami River, using the same basic trail that the Shawnee and Miami Indians blazed to their ancient hunting grounds in Kentucky. This trail was later used by immigrants settling the Northwest Territory from Cincinnati and eventually by the Ohio Canal Commission, which began construction of the Miami & Erie Canal in 1826.

From south to north, hikers will walk near the Wright State University Campus while military jets from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base soar above. The trail continues along the Mad, Great Miami and Stillwater Rivers on an 8-mile stretch of an old and new Bike/Hike trail. North of Dayton, the trail enters the Taylorsville Reserve Metro Park where an observant hiker can spot the remains of the canal bed. The trail follows roads and new Bike/Hike Trails through Tipp City, Troy, and Piqua. The trail exits the city of Piqua along the Great Miami River Levy. These relocations added about 8 miles of new off-road trail to this section.

North of Piqua, the trail passes historic Johnston Farm, a restored farm which features a mule-drawn canal boat during the summer. Finally crossing Loramie Creek at the site of an old aqueduct, the Troy Section concludes in Lockington, the site of nine canal locks and generally considered one of the engineering wonders of the 19th century.

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Trail Alerts

  • (11/2/17)Expect a detour between Points 6 and 7 beginning in the spring of of 2018 through fall 2019 at the Keowee Street Bridge along the Great Miami River. The bridge is being replaced during this period and will be closed to motor traffic. Detours will be signed and posted. We will keep you posted on details of the detours while construction is in progress.

  • (11/19/15)This Alert affects Buckeye Trail between Points 9 and 11 within Taylorsville MetroPark. A major sink hole has developed along that segment of the Buckeye Trail that follows the towpath of the old Miami and Erie Canal through Tadmore. All Buckeye Trail on towpath is now closed within Taylorsville MetroPark. In particular, the closure begins about 0.1 mile north of the trailhead located just north of Taylorsville Dam and US 40. The closure ends 0.9 miles south of Point 11. The detour is signed and marked. You will not need to worry about locating the beginning or end of the detour. Just stay on the Great Miami River Recreation Trail. The detour creates a negligible reduction in distance (30 yards).

Map Updates

  • (7/23/16) Troy Section Edition of November 2015
    The title for Point 5 should read "Deeds Point MetroPark (FRMP)".
  • (7/18/16) Five Rivers MetroParks is updating both their camping locations and procedures. When these changes are fully implemented, backpacking along the Buckeye Trail in the Dayton Area will be even more pleasant. Keep alert to further updates by visiting their website at: http://www.metroparks.org/things-to-do/camping/.
    This announcement contains two items:
    First, Five Rivers MetroParks has already phased out the campsite shown on the most recent edition of the Troy Section Map. Please get out your Troy Section Map Edition November 2015. Under the heading, “CAMPING ALONG THE TRAIL,” delete the entire second paragraph. And ignore the campsite symbol shown on the top panel.
    Second, since this change removes any opportunity to camp along the trail within Five Rivers MetroParks, they temporarily offer what comes close to dispersed camping within their properties along the trail. Note that you must follow the steps below:
    • 1. At least 30-days before you plan to camp, complete the miscellaneous special permit application located at http://metroparks.org/permits/ . A $10 fee will apply.

      a. Complete the form with as much information as possible, including the proposed camping location.
      b. If dates are variable because of a long distance hiking schedule, please make note of that in the application.
      c. Very important: Apply as soon as possible before your intended use. The absolute minimum time in which to process an application is 30 days. Your application only begins the process. The park manager will contact you to clarify any information and/or suggest a different location.

    • 2. Do not camp until you receive notice that your application has been approved from the park manager.

  • (1/24/15) This Trail Change is effective immediately. It updates the Troy Section Map published in November 2013 and includes the update of 8/18/2013.

    This Trail Change was made possible through the efforts of Miami County Park District with financial assistance from ODOT. The Great Miami River Recreation Trail has been extended between I 75 and Peterson Rd. The update is described towards the end of the text under Pt 15 and the beginning of Pt 16. Purchasers of the November 2013 Edition need concern themselves only with these small changes in the trail description.

    However, people who continue to use the April 2012 Edition must be concerned also with the changes written in the text under Pt 1 through Pt 4. Owners of earlier editions may be able to figure things out although the point numbers and titles will often differ.

    Because trail distance has been affected to some extent by all of these changes, a much abbreviated version of the Troy Section Map is given between the points mentioned above. Points are taken from the current trail line and presented in the clockwise (CW) direction. The code on the left side of each point is the current distance from the first point to the instant point. That number is followed by the distance in the counter direction (CCW) and is measured between the end point of the section and the instant point. In the line below, read the direction that one should face in order to follow the trail. As with distance, the left most character shows the CW direction. That character(s) is followed by the CCW direction.

    CW CCW Pt
    1 Dayton Drive at Central Ave

    TROY SECTION begins here. The trail CCW (S) enters from the CAESAR CREEK SECTION. Go S past Central Park and cross drive that goes behind the YMCA (lodging [300 S Central Ave, Fairborn 45324, 937-754-9622], W, WC). Cross to W side of Central Ave and continue S. After crossing RR (0.15 mi), turn SW on Wright Brothers' Huffman Prairie Bikeway (WBHPB) that lies within narrow, wooded corridor between RR and Kauffman Ave. Continue SW on WBHPB past access to W Garland Ave (0.7 mi, exits SE), across W Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd (0.8 mi) and beneath McClerron Memorial Skyway (0.6 mi). Trail is now headed W. After 0.45 mi, pass access to Wright State Rd. After 1.3 mi, WBHPB crosses Kaufman Ave at light and continues W.

    2 Wright Brothers' Huffman Prairie Bikeway at Memorial Rd

    This road leads to the Huffman Prairie Flying Field Interpretive Center (NPS) after 0.24 mi. Facilities: Gift Shop in Interpretive Center, P, PT, W, WC. A sidewalk leads N from the Interpretive Center past the Wright Bros Memorial to an overlook (470') of Huffman Dam, runways of Patterson Field and Huffman Prairie. This side trail and others mentioned below are worthy of consideration.
    Follow BT NW on paved WBHPB as it meanders along Kaufman Ave, above RR, along and then beneath SR 444 to intersection with access road at trail sign. A right turn on the access road leads to the Huffman Prairie Flying Field managed by Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.
    Continue on WBHPB 0.13 mi to the S end of Huffman Dam. Here, join Mad River Recreation Trail (MRRT) that descends through a series of turns, crosses a service drive and goes beneath RR Overpass. The road to your left is Springfield St. After 350', enter Montgomery Cty from Greene Cty. At the same time, enter City of Dayton, an official BT/NCT Trail Town. As the trail comes out in a grassy area, you will pass a parking area. This area is restricted . Do not attempt to use.

    3 MRRT across Springfield St from Entrance to National Museum of the United States Air Force

    The museum (free admission) is the largest aviation museum in the world (P, PS, PT, R, T, W, WC). A day for this museum should be added to your hike.
    Continue on MRRT along Springfield St across 2 roads. After 0.5 mi, MRRT turns N, soon passing both a motel and an imposing house, capped with a large Widow's Walk. Continue N beneath RR using a culvert built in 1918. At the Mad R, go beneath the Harshman Rd Bridge. Immediately, leave MRRT to follow footpath along Mad R on N edge of Eastwood MetroPark, home of the Midwest Outdoor Experience which draws over 10,000 outdoor enthusiasts the first Saturday in October. Eastwood MetroPark exhibits wild areas as well as development (P, PS, PT, Pr, W) as one would expect in a unit of Five Rivers MetroParks (FRMP).
    After 0.42 mi, an obvious casual trail connects to parking (100' S, [39.784157°, -84.129601°]). Continue on footpath along river for 0.4 mi. Turn S up steps past post w/BT and NCT markers, cross in succession a park drive, paved trail and rejoin MRRT on bank of lagoon just 400’ past the post. Go W on MRRT past WC, join service road and cross lagoon.

    4 MRRT Exit from Service Rd near Bridge S N Coordinates: [39.779633°, -84.139192°]

    Join MRRT, heading first S but soon settling in a direction that more or less parallels the Mad R and passes beneath Findlay St Bridge (1.3 mi), Keowee St Bridge (1.0 mi), RR Bridge (400') and Webster St Bridge (0.26 mi). After 0.2 mi, zigzag to the top of levee. Follow trail on top of levee W for 0.11 mi to Trail Bridge.
    If you continue W 0.2 mi to RiverScape MetroPark (food concession, bike rental), you will experience Dayton’s Inventor’s River Walk and find out why this city considers itself the “Innovation Capital of the World.” Take Trail Bridge across Mad R.

    5 Deeds Park (FRMP/ P, PS, PT, W, WC)
    6 GMRRT within Island Park (P, PS, PT, T, W, WC)
    7 GMRRT on W Side of Rip Rap Rd near S End of Bridge over Great Miami R
    8 Three-Way Trail Junction
    9 GMRRT at Steps S into Trailhead (P, PS, PT, Pr) within Taylorsville Metropark
    10 Tadmor - a Ghost Town
    11 Trail Tunnel beneath Old Springfield Rd
    12 GMRRT near Information Kiosk at NW Corner of Parking for Canal Parking Tipp City
    13 GMRRT at Small Trailhead off Dye Mill Rd
    14 N Corner of Adams St Bridge
    15 BT Marker Post on River's Edge Trail (P)

    The Eldean Bridge covered bridge is visible SE just across Eldean Rd. More P is available there. Head N. After 0.7 mi, enter Twin Arches Park (P, Pr). Administered by MCPD, this park features two large cut stone culverts that conduct a small stream beneath the former canal. In 450', BT crosses the culverts. The culverts are almost hidden. You must walk out towards the river to see them.
    Continue N on the former towpath. After 0.4 mi, C25A has encroached on the canal so much that the trail drops into the forested flood plain, here whimsically designated a "Natural Play Area". After 0.7 mi, leave the "Natural Play Area" and go beneath I 75 on trail built above the river on a gabionade. Follow GMRRT generally N across trail bridge over Great Miami R past a public parking area off Peterson Rd.

    16 GMRRT at W Peterson Rd (P, Pr)
    17 The Linear Trail at S Main St
    18 Hydraulic Canal Path at River's Edge Trail
    19 Hardin Rd at Cabled Service Rd (N boundary of Johnston Farm)
    20 State Dam Rd at Landman Mill Rd (C111)
    21 Head of Locks at Cross and Museum Trails in Lockington
  • (10/23/12) This update affects the Buckeye Trail between Points 14 and 17 Troy Section 2012 Edition. Pt 14 is identified as the "Trail Junction just SE of Market St Bridge"; Pt 17, as "C-25A at Peterson/Farrington Rd (C-31)". Now that the Adams St. Bridge in Troy is open, the Great Miami River Recreational Trail (GMRRT) is readily available to hikers on the Buckeye Trail. Accordingly, and with great relief, BTA has eliminated the trail next to Paul Duke Park and along subsequent dangerous roads on through Eldean Bridge. Hikers should now follow GMRRT SW across the Adams St. Bridge and on north through Treasure Island Park to rejoin existing BT at the entrance to just W of Eldean Bridge. The new route is 3.6 miles off road compared to the former route which was 4.3 miles (of which 1.8 miles was on road). A detailed turn-by-turn description will be published at a later time. In the meantime, refer to this referenced Google Earth file.
  • (8/03/11) This update affects the Troy Section map published in February 2011. Miami County Park District and Five Rivers Metroparks have essentially completed the Great Miami River Recreation Trail (GMRRT) between Point 11 Old Springfield Road at Canal Road into Kyle Park in Tipp City. Although the trail will not be officially open until August 12, 2011, it is being used. BT and NCT hikers should follow GMRRT, not Canal Road, when leaving Taylorsville MetroPark. This relocation eliminates 2.7 miles of on-road trail by moving BT onto the adjacent GMRRT with little or no change in mileage. Because the reroute is so obvious, no map accompanies this alert.
11 Trail Culvert beneath Old Springfield Rd (C-8) N W at its Intersection with Canal Rd (T-107)

Charleston Falls Park (P, Pr, W, 37' falls, lime-
stone cave and prairie), a unit of the Miami County Park District (MCPD), is 1.1 miles (not 1.5 miles) E across Great Miami R on Ross Rd in Miami County. To get there, go E on Old Springfield Rd across river. Old Springfield Rd is renamed Ross Rd (T-179). Continue E past Sullivan Rd to park entrance.
BT joins GMRRT along S side of Canal Rd and remains of the canal prism, all heading N, after 2600' entering Miami Cty from Montgomery Cty. After 2.4 miles and crossing an intermittent stream, GMRRT turns NE away from Canal Rd and enters Kyle Park (P, Pr, PS, PT, T, W). After 1700‘, GMRRT crosses Kyle Park Drive, only to meander generally N around extensive parking areas and along lake into a narrower strip bounded on E by fence (1800'). In 2200', GMRRT crosses SR 571 and enters Canal Lock Park.

12 GMRRT near Kiosk in Canal Lock Park
Downtown Tipp City (R) is about 2 blocks W on Main St (SR 571). On the way, you will pass artifacts of Roller Mill, Lock 15 and a canal boat replica. Canal Lock Park also provides access to Freeman Prairie, a flood plain prairie.

Trail Towns


The City of Troy is a wonderful place for activity, recreation, and of course hiking. We are your hometown city with all of the things you remember. The old fashioned downtown, the corner bicycle shop, and a place to get ice cream, the kind of city you would feel at home in as you travel the Buckeye Trail. Placed along the Buckeye Trial are the Miami Shores Golf Course, Hobart Arena, Memorial Stadium, parks, and our re-developing Treasure Island Marina Area. The Miami County Park District is moving toward developing a primitive camping area just north of the city.

Significant investments are upcoming in Troy’s riverfront park area, with items such as a new outdoor amphitheater, a river and trails activities rental center. Also the future holds a dramatic revitalization of Hobart Arena.

Troy is located along I-75 just ten miles north of the interchange of I-75 and I-70. . Nearly all of the Buckeye Trail in the Troy area travels alongside the beautiful Great Miami River, inviting you to come and visit.

Learn more and plan your visit to Troy here:: Troy Ohio


Piqua, Ohio is located along Ohio’s Great Corridor, on the banks of the Great Miami River, and is home to many historical points of interest, a charming downtown, an impressive parks system, and many other attractions and amenities.

The Buckeye Trail enters Piqua from the south sharing an alignment with the Miami Valley Trail system and paralleling the scenic Great Miami River Water Trail. After crossing over the river, the Buckeye Trail joins the former Miami & Erie Canal alignment and continues to Lock Nine Park in downtown Piqua. Upon arriving in downtown Piqua, hikers will find a chocolate and coffee shop, an ice cream parlor, and restaurant options offering good eats and refreshing beverages. Downtown is also home to the public library, post office, laundry services, and banking establishments. Fort Piqua Plaza and the YWCA and YMCA can also be found downtown. Just to the west of downtown is the Caldwell Historic District, home to many beautiful residential structures, places of worship, and a bed and breakfast.

As the Buckeye Trail heads west out of downtown it follows the Piqua Activity Trail for Health to French Park, and then turns north and follows and alignment alongside the calm waters of Franz Pond, Echo Lake, and Swift Run Lake. On this segment of the trail, hikers will pass by a prominent mansion serving as a bed and breakfast, picnic shelter facilities located in Fountain Park, and the tranquil beauty of Forest Hill Cemetery. As hikers continue north, at the edge of the community they will discover Johnston Farm & Indian Agency, a state historical site including an education center, and a canal boat ride on a preserved section of the Miami & Erie Canal.

Click on the following links for a listing of local lodging, dining, shopping, or attractions.

For more information about Piqua please visit:

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Dayton is located along the banks of the Great Miami River on Ohio’s Great Corridor and is known as the Outdoor Adventure Capital of the Midwest. Beyond the plethora of hiking opportunities; Dayton is a Bicycle Friendly Community situated at the center of the largest bikeway network in the country. The gem city also hosts some of the largest outdoor recreation events in the Midwest while being situated amongst 3 state designated Water Trails.

The Buckeye and North Country Trail wind along Dayton’s scenic rivers as the trail passes through several of Five Rivers MetroParks along land managed by the Miami Conservancy District. The trail through the Greater Dayton Region is one of the longest continuously off road sections along the entire BT and NCT at nearly 40 miles. Hikers are treated to the rich history of Dayton as the trail passes near sites of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, the National Museum of the United States Air Force, and Deeds Point MetroPark where hikers walk up on a dramatic view of the Dayton skyline and more.

Dayton offers hikers a range of services from outfitters, camping, restaurants, and even outdoor guiding companies. The outdoor scene is strong and growing in the region with over 45 outdoor oriented businesses and 50 outdoor clubs creating a vibrant outdoor culture. Come hike, bike, paddle, fish, and more on the incredible natural assets of the Miami Valley…Get Out & Live!

Read more about Dayton and the BT here.

For a complete list of services, retailers, camping, and more go to outdoordayton.com.

For an overview of the trail in the Dayton area look for the blue dashed line on the Miami Valley Bikeways Map.

The Dayton Section is highlighted in: The North Country Trail: The Best Walks, Hikes, and Backpacking Trips on America's Longest National Scenic Trail.

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