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What is the difference between a "Trail Alert" and a "Map Update"?

Glad you asked!

A Trail Alert indicates a temporary disruption in the established route of the trail. For example, a severe ice storm may force closure of the trail in a State Forest. Once the storm damage is cleared, the trail will reopen along the same route as before. Trail Alerts will remain posted until they are no longer in effect.

A Map Update indicates a permanent change to the trail route from that which is indicated in the latest map. For example, the Trail Crew reroutes the trail off of a road through a scenic woodlands. This is the new permanent route which will be relfected in the next printing of the map. A Map Update will generally remain posted for about one year after new maps are printed for the benefit of those who purchased a previous map version.

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July 2013

There is nothing presently posted about any closures. However, if you plan to visit the Buckeye Trail portions that pass through state parks and forests or national parks or forests, the following sites might provide useful information in the case of closures or problem areas.

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