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Trail Description

Peach Mountain Road.
K. Fix

Supervisor: OPEN

46.3 Total Miles / 18.4 Off Road Miles (39.7%)
Map Publication Date: December 2011

Starting near Mineral Springs Lake, the Shawnee Section follows back country roads for several miles, passing through the small towns of Mineral Springs and Wamsley. Entering Shawnee State Forest, the Buckeye Trail follows several forest trails, including the Backpack Loop Trail (Note: in much of the state forest, the Buckeye Trail is not marked with its traditional blue blazes, as the Shawnee Day Hiking Trail uses blue blazes and was there first!). This area is often called the Little Smokies, and the spectacular views offered from the Buckeye Trail will show you why. The BT leaves the state forest along the Wilderness Loop trail, and continues on backroads into the West Union Section.

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Map Updates

  • (11/05/2015) If you have a copy of the Shawnee Section map, edition of December 2011, the following corrections probably should be added to your map. Look at the first line of the material in fine print on the bottom of the back cover of the map. If the copyright date reads 2011, please make the following changes: Under Pt 2, the line that reads "shaded pasture and then heads N across" should read "shaded pasture and then heads S across". And, under the same point, six lines down, the line that reads "please follow BT along fences around E edge of the field" should read "please follow BT along fences around W edge of the field".

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