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Trail Description

Andrew Bashaw

Supervisor: Tom Rohr
• 419-281-7465

57.4 Total Miles / 17.3 Off Road Miles (30.1%)
Map Publication Date: July 2011

Along with the Whipple Section, this section provides a link between the off-road trail in AEP Recreation Lands and North Country Trail in the Marietta Unit of Wayne National Forest. Although somewhat below average in off-road trail, this segment lies in very remote, wooded country of high ridges. Some of the roads are so little used that days may pass between vehicles. The trail leaves the Belle Valley Section in Belle Valley and heads east past Caldwell Lake, Fulda, Lamping Homestead and Ring Mill on the way to the Whipple Section at County Road Nine.

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Trail Alerts

  • (6/14/16)The Wayne National Forest has closed a portion of their Archer’s Fork Loop Trail that is used jointly by Buckeye Trail and North Country National Scenic Trail. The closure occurs between Archer’s Run Road (T58) and McCormick Hill Road (T410). The closure by the Wayne affects the Buckeye Trail between points 27 and 28. See details below. Note that distances are not particularly accurate in this section.
    CW CCW Pt
    27 Irish Run Rd (T58) at Junction with Archers Fork Loop Trail
    The Archers Fork Loop Trail is a 9.4 mile loop trail within the Wayne National Forest. BT/NCT comprises about 1/2 of the loop. The half between here and Point 30 is described in the text below. The other half of the loop is described as the description of Archers Fork Loop elsewhere.
    Continue SW on Irish Run Rd. After 0.25 mi, exit N onto McCormick Ridge Rd (T410). Climb gently. After 0.4 mi, exit road onto footpath. The closure ends here. And the following description is the same as that found in your Road Fork Map, Edition of July 2011. Soon ford a tributary of Irish Run. Trail turns briefly S in middle of power line easement but then turns abruptly W and ascends very steep slope. Trail now undulates along ridge.
    28 BT/NCT at Great Cave near St Patrick’s Cemetery Rd (T411)

Map Updates

  • (12/14/15) This update corrects a serious error in the reported distance between Points 27 and 28. The reported distance on the current map reads 1.0 mile. The corrected distance is 2.1 mile. Add 1.1 mile to all clockwise (CW) distances for Points 28 and greater. Similarly, add 1.1 mile to all counterclockwise (CCW) distances less than that of Point 28. This error was pointed out by Tom Rohr, Road Fork Section Supervisor. The corrected distance was identified by Chuck Hewett, author of a Buckeye Trail Guidebook as yet unpublished, and confirmed by Richard Lutz, BTA's GIS Specialist.

  • (7/2/07) Within the Road Fork Section, a segment of useable trail was somehow "lost". Noticed first by Herb Hulls and Gary Williams when they blazed the route of the BT in 2005, the presence of the trail was confirmed recently by Andrew Bashaw, NCTA's Regional Trail Coordinator OH/PA. [12-14-2015 NOTE: This update is still valid for older maps; however, Andrew Bashaw currently works as Executive Director for the BTA]. The trail has been added to the BT and will soon be certified NCT. The Lost Trail is located between Points 22 and 23 of the Road Fork Section. The distance between Points 22 and 23 shows no appreciable change.

    TRAIL DESCRIPTION: About 3600' after T-402 deadends into Rinard Mills Road, BT/NCT turns E through gate onto oil well service road. Very soon, trail turns S. In about 1100', the service road ends at a well head. The trail continues as a footpath and descends at first gradually but then more steeply through sandstone cliffs which offers interesting interpretations. Eventually, the trail fords a minor stream and reascends to join another service road that continues another 1400' to Rinard Mills Road at Point 23. Net elevation change: 0', Total ascent: 340'.
  • The map that accompanies this update shows the Lost Trail as a red line. In addition, in Glass, the base map is changed slightly to clarify the relation of the two trails to Rinard Mills Road. Existing trail leaves Rinard Mills Road directly across from the Lost Trail. And this junction lies at the bend close to the set of road intersections in Glass.

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