Backpacking the BT . . .

From time to time the question of gear comes up around the camp fire or as one is hiking along in the company of like-minded folks. Gear seems to be a topic that is always on one’s mind, always shared with others, and always debated. If you are looking for a definitive guide or the ultimate gear list, you’ll never find it, because one’s personal tastes are just that, personal. We like what we like. Sure, we all try the latest or lightest gear, but if the latest and lightest doesn’t work for your own needs, or is well beyond your budget, you will fall back on the old reliables.

The links below will take you to some of our members gear lists.

Backpacking the BT, or, Gear I Use, by Darryl R. Smith (Buckeye)

Generic Gear Inventory, by Matthew Dexter Edmunds

Backpacking on the Buckeye Trail, Eagle Project by Phil Aquila; assisted by Jonah Magid