Buckeye Trail Circuit Hike . . .

The circular nature of the Buckeye Trail lends itself to the circuit hike, a variation of the 'end-to-end' hikes common of more linear trails. Many people have completed the entire trail (generally over several years) by slowly 'completing the loop'. If you have accomplished this, you are entitled to a BTA patch. See below for details.

In the past, there have been many on-going efforts to complete the trail over a period of 3-4 years, hiking one weekend per month. Led by various Buckeye Trail Association members, the circuit hikers wind their way, section by section around the state.

There are several circuit hikers currently attempting to hike the entire Buckeye Trail. You do not have to intend on completing the entire trail to join in any of the hikes. Come for a few miles, one day, one weekend or as many as you wish. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Hike details are located on the Events Page. Check there for the latest updates and to inform us if you are interested in joining in the hikes.

The following is the last of the circuit hikes for 2016 that are led by Jim Gilkey:

If you are interested in starting up a circuit hike group contact .

Have You Hiked the Whole Buckeye Trail?

WHAT IS IT? A patch for any hiker who has completed the entire Buckeye Trail.

HOW DO I GET A PATCH? By hiking the Buckeye Trail, of course. After finishing the Buckeye Trail, fill out a questionnaire and a patch will be sent to you in 10 business days.

CAN I GET MORE THAN ONE PATCH? The first patch is free; any extra patches are $3.00 each.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR A PATCH? Any person who has completed the Buckeye Trail any time in the Buckeye Trail's history. As long as you finished the entire Buckeye Trail, no matter what its length was when you finished.

WE WANT TO KNOW! BTA is interested in people who have hiked the whole Trail. Please download the questionnaire, complete the form, and mail it to Dana Zintek to receive your patch.

Click here for the Whole Trail Questionnaire!

BTA Little Loop

Have you hiked BTA’s Little Loop but did not get a patch? Is the Little Loop
in your future plans? Here is incentive to get it done! Contact Randall Roberts,
with date of completion and maybe a photo to
receive your patch at no charge. Please put “Little Loop Patch” in the subject line.
Happy hiking!