Tomfoolery Outdoors Follows the Blue Blazes!

Tom Helbig is an Ohio native, adventurer, motivational speaker and owner of Tomfoolery Outdoors. Tomfoolery Outdoors is dedicated to encouraging others to Live Active, Laugh More, Inspire All through adventure advocacy.

Starting March 15, Tomfoolery is following the blue blazes around Ohio on the 1,400+ mile Buckeye Trail, completing the nations largest loop trail in June. Using his passion for adventure advocacy, Tom will raise awareness, increase membership and raise funds for the Buckeye Trail Association. Basically Tom is a walking ambassador for the trail and the beauty of Ohio! Activities will include trail town celebrations, membership drives, promotional appearances, trail work days, speaking engagements and group hikes.

Tom has a goal of recruiting 400 new Buckeye Trail Association members, hiking with 400 BT enthusiasts, and raising $7,000+ to support hundreds of Buckeye Trail volunteers who devote thousands of volunteer hours so that millions of hikers can enjoy Ohio’s State Trail.

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Tom needs your help!

Here’s how you can help Tom help the Buckeye Trail:

Tom Tracker
Where is Tom Heading on the BT?

  • Donate to Tom’s Crowdrise fundraiser here Just one penny for each mile Tom attempts would add up to $14. Crowdrise even allows you to become a fundraiser for the cause yourself! All proceeds go to the 501(c)3 nonprofit BTA.
  • Join Tom at upcoming BTA Member Drives with a kickoff in Peninsula, OH.
  • Join Tom as he hikes into Buckeye TrailFest April 27-30 in Yellow Springs
  • Become a member of the BTA today to support BTA volunteers all year round! Get a special Tomfoolery 20% discount by using the code TFFTBB.
  • Enjoy Ohio’s Buckeye Trail by hiking with Tom!
  • Follow Tom’s progress on his website and FB group and share with friends you think might love his BT adventure!