Outreach, Events, and
Professional Services . . .

The Buckeye Trail Association is made up of volunteers. It needs the specialized talents of its members. You do not have to be out maintaining trail to volunteer. We have needs that can be handled from your home. If you can volunteer some time, we need your assistance!

Other areas where we could use your help include: membership promotion, grants and/or fundraising, public relations, leading hikes, trail maintenance, serving as a trustee, and trail building.

If you are interested, please contact Barry Unger, BTA Volunteer Coordinator at
or download the Volunteer Data Form and mail it in. Thank you!

Accounting Assistant to BTA Treasurer As always we have needs for Trail Builders and maintainers but for someone who does not care to or is unable to do either of these very physical activities we have a need for someone with an accounting background to assist the BTA Treasurer. We are growing and our book keeping and billing needs are as well. This could be done from your home if you have e mail.
If you would be interested in assisting in this important and critical position please contact Barry Unger, BTA volunteer coordinator, at

Trail Promotion Committee. All of us enjoy getting outdoors and hiking along the Buckeye Trail, enjoying the small towns, backcountry roads, and forests that the trail goes along? Have you ever wondered about doing “more” and taking on a role using your dedication and life experiences to enhance the Buckeye Trail experience for others? Perhaps you aren’t able to build and maintain trails, but there are other opportunities for you to share your thoughts and efforts to support the Buckeye Trail Association.

The Trail Promotion Committee is the group that works on every aspect of promoting the trail to both Buckeye Trail Association members and others interested in hiking the Buckeye Trail. These areas include hiking and backpacking events, social media, website, newsletter and even the items we sell in the BTA Store. Perhaps you have ideas about how we can get more hikers using the Buckeye Trail. Maybe you have an idea about items we can sell in the store. Perhaps you are eager to organize events and advertise events along the BT. If you have the drive and commitment to bring your ideas forth and help those ideas come to life, then the Trail Promotion Committee is a great opportunity to give back and enhance the trail experience for others!

Contact Darryl Smith if you are interested in finding out more. I can be reached at home most evenings at 513.321.1539 or via email at . The potential volunteer should have a passion about the Buckeye Trail, the ability to communicate through email or regularly scheduled conference calls, and have a desire to get more hikers using the Buckeye Trail. If this sounds like you, please contact me today!

Report your volunteer hours online! Online Volunteer Hours Report
You don't need to fill out a form for every day you worked. Instead, just lump everything together for each month or each quarter and submit it. If you use this form, please do not send us a paper copy too.