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Author Topic: Belle Valley - North of Senecaville Lake  (Read 1400 times)
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« on: August 26, 2013, 06:57:33 PM »

Salt Fork addressed in an earlier post.

Again, no real problems here.  Trail easy enough to follow.
Again, some decent sized hills to climb but less than Road Fork.
Nat.gas/oil activity along Salem Road - pipeline going in when I walked through. 
Lots of Schlumberger trucks in the hotel parking lot in Cambridge.

Laid the DEET on heavy walking Fogle Road which lies pretty low into the swampy bottom before Salt Fork Lake.  Kept the mosquitoes away but doesn't seem to affect the deerflies.  They kept buzzing me.  I've tried grapefruit oil before for them and that seemed to work but not a good idea if used in the sun.

Red Hill Farm is a very clean, quiet hike.  Except for the cow pasture.
Little signs along the way for trails, rocks, lakes and a welcome sign for BT hikers at the Frog Pond.
Both times I got to the gate for the cow pasture they were right there.  I got them to move coming off of Grapevine but then they surrounded me a little.  Ones in front wouldn't move off the road.  So, I walked around to the left.
On the way back, they had come up out of the lake and were clustered right there at the gate at the grain feeders.  After waiting a bit for them to finish, I got down and worked my way around again.  They were kindof interested, but when I moved they got a bit skittish, especially the calves.

Had a couple of people stop and ask me what I was doing and I explained to them about the Buckeye trail.  I've met a few people who had no idea they were living on the trail.

Kathy On BT 
"Not all who wander are lost."
Finished 8/30/2013 and going around again
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