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Author Topic: in loving memory of my father "POPPIE" finishing his trek!  (Read 4932 times)
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I will hike with my father for all times!

« on: July 01, 2013, 10:38:46 AM »

Poppie past away June 25 in the early morning.  He passed while he was drugged some what and asleep.  He suffers no more.  My father has blessed me with many of great memories and I will treasure them for always. From the stories that he has told me over the past few years I know that he has touched a lot of you all as well.  in his memory I would like to offer the following:
In November some time, no set date yet, I am going to try to get a few folks together to help me finish his trek on the BT.  I am wanting to get as many folks as I can, family at home and his trail family.  I have a lot of hiking sticks at the house here and would like to get them out on the trail.  I want to finish his dreams for him.  Talking with CW, we are going to backpack some of the last 130 miles he has left. 
The staves of his that get out on the trail, he would want to give those to his grand children so that they can see more trail and the kids will always have him with them out there.  that would be his wish and I want to honor a great man, friend and father! 
Being in the the Navy makes it hard to set anything up or to have been there with him during his trek.  I have however was able to finish roughly 450 miles of the BT with him.  those days were the best. 
thank you all for the time and love you have showed my father. 
god bless you all on your future treks! 
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« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2013, 12:13:47 PM »

I first had occasion to hike with "Poppie No-Stoppie" in mid-November 2010 in the Shawnee section.  I actually followed his SUV out to leave a vehicle at the opposite end of the hike and wondered what was going on when he passed it.  He was with Bob at the time.
When they stopped, I said I was there for the hike and got us back to the road crossing he was looking for.  That day it was me,  him, Chris, Bob, and Pioneer Spirit hiking from Ben's Happy Trails to Lampblack Rd.
The next day we added a couple more (Jim and Rachel) and, on a warm November day (I was in shorts) hiked the other bit (I got off at Mackletree Rd and left M&Ms at the vehicles).  Apparently, it was my fault that every time we rounded a knob on the trail, there was another climb...

The next April, we were in Stockport.  Poppie, Pioneer Spirit, Clockwise, and myself where the four of us hiked into Stockport from McMannis Riggs (AEP lands).  Then, after a mid-afternoon feed, Poppie, Pioneer and I came in from the other direction - a 20 mile day.  It was starting to sprinkle as we came back into town.
The next morning, the three of us started late because of the rain and, following the trail, found a flooded crossing that we detoured around on the hike.  It started wet and Pioneer lent me a raincoat (silly me had never invested in raingear - and, at this point, every time I've had it with me, it hasn't rained).  Pioneer and I stopped, at one point, for a break and Poppie continued on until he got a cellphone signal.  Had lunch (hot dogs) in Chesterville and didn't see him when we went to leave.  He caught up with us after 'getting packed' by some dogs.

The last time I had occasion to see him was when Pioneer was finishing up his trek on the way to Mentor Headlands.  He was waiting at the south end of the Zimmerman trail and we talked for a bit until Pioneer and, I can't remember who, got there.  I was in work clothes and it was pretty warm so I didn't walk with them but I caught them coming off the Zimmerman trail and then at the end at Headlands.

Poppie loved being out there hiking.  Talked about his family and boy scouts.  Always willing to spread the word about the trail.  He will be missed.

Depending on the sections he didn't complete and timing, I may be able to join the group for some of the trail.  I would be happy to help 'finish the hike.'

My sympathies,

Kathy On BT 
"Not all who wander are lost."
Finished 8/30/2013 and going around again
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