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Author Topic: Sinking Springs report.  (Read 1408 times)
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« on: July 13, 2011, 12:21:14 PM »

I hiked a couple of hot and short days Monday and Tuesday in the Sinking Springs section.  Poppie was heading down to the trail maintenance events and I got him to shuttle me to starting points.

The first day was 91 degrees if not more and the searing road temperatures must have been a lot higher.  I managed to miss a turn not more than a couple miles north of Good seed farm adding another 4 miles or so to the hike.

I was glad to finish on one hand but disappointed that I only made it to Serpent mound ending the day early.

Day two began at Serpent mound where I spent some time looking over the place for the first time.  I walked around the figure and had the park all to myself.  I took pictures of some new simple benches installed this year that I intend to duplicate around my farm pond to replace those rotted away years ago.

Continuing onward I encountered my first official hiker that was not in our group.  (I forgot his name almost at once.)  He was from Cleveland and was section hiking through the south having about 200 miles left on the trail.  Since Iím so bad at names I took his picture just in case.  We saw his wife earlier at Fort Hill reading a book.  As we talked a bit, his wife drove by.  She was picking him up at Serpent Mound.

I reached Fort Hill a little after 2 pm and I went off to find the trail maintainers to join in on the fun but they were finishing up by the time I got to the camp ground so I did not get to try my new Pulaski.
I must say I was disappointed in my performance while hiking this trip.  The heat really takes a toll on a person and 10 miles felt like 25.  Iíve discovered that I prefer Winter walking over Summer trips.

The highlights of the trip besides Serpent mound was rescuing a tiny turtle from the road, petting a fawn deer in a field, meeting the first hiker in nearly 1000 miles and (almost) finishing Ft. Hill.  I now believe that the trail will be easily passable through the Pike Lake area and will no longer require taking road bypasses.

Circuit Hike Completed.
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